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 Race Powers and Information.

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Shinigami Vizard / Vizard
Shinigami Vizard / Vizard

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PostSubject: Race Powers and Information.   Thu May 26, 2011 3:11 pm


All about Kido:

The list below and levels of Reiyoku/Reiatsu Combat Determine what the maximum level of kido you can learn.
No Skill: No kido
Practitioner: -10
Expert: -5
Master: No limitation added.

1-19 = Academy Shinigami Level
20-39 = Unseated level
40-59 = Seated Level
60-79 = Vice Captain Level
80-99 = Captain level

The SE (stat Equivlant for Kido [also the base of most systems] is stated here aswell as in otehr topics)
1-9 SE is .5
10-19 SE is 1
20-29 SE is 1.5
30-39 SE is 2
40-49 SE is 2.5
50-59 SE is 3
60-69 SE is 3.5
70-79 SE is 4
80-89 SE is 4.5
90-99 SE is 5

Without an Incantation the SE is cut by half.


The shikai a first release can be obtain by any seated officer or above through there application's. The other require a 2k training. The SE (stat Equivlant) for Shikai is 1, equivlant to a kido level 10-19, but this increase the SE of three combat skills.


Bankai Vice captains and captains can gain bankai through there application. 4th seath and 3rd seat may train 2.5K words to achive Bankai. The SE (stat Equivlant) for Bankai is 2, equivlant to a kido level 30-39, but this increase the SE of three combat skills.


Normal Cero is measured like Kido. A cero's power is measured by rank rather than level. There is also a -20 on the measure on the scale. This prevents Academy Level Arrancar from using cero. A cero fired without a charge is limited to -10 on the kido scale. Cero can be fired 1 time for full charges. An uncharged Cero can be fired 1 time, and at Captain level 2 times. The cool down for Cero uncharged is one post, for charged, two posts.

Reiyoku/Reiatsu manipulation combat skill limits cero.
No Skill- No cero
Practitioner -10
Expert -5
Master no added limitation

Academy Level-no cero
Unseated Level-1-19
Seated Level-20-39
Lueitenat Level-40-59
Captain Level-60-79

The SE of cero is the same as kido, and so is everything else >>

Bala's kido measurement is 1/20 of the stronges cero useable to a character. This is normally qualified in kido 1-9, making it .5 in SE. Bala Can be fired with 3 second intervoles between them. A Captain Level may fire 20 before the one post cooldown. For a LT level it's 15, for a Seated 10 an Unseated 5. academy level arrancar cannot use cero.

Gran Cero/Gran Ray Cero
Can be only used by Espada members, Vasto Lorde hollows, Captain level Vizard because it is similar to cero in all but one way. There is no -20 limitation on Cero, letting it be as strong as a level 99 kido. The cool down for Gran Ray Cero is two posts uncharged, and three posts charged.
SE is 5, unless uncharge 4.5, or lower level of Reiyoku/Reiatsu Combat Skill.

Cero Oscuras
Can be only used by top 4 Espada or Vasto Lorde hollows Captain level Vizard because it has a super strong effect. It is the same level of power as Gran Ray Cero, but it's range and lasting effect are several times greater.
SE is 5, unless uncharged 4.5, or lower level of Reiyoku/Reiatsu Combat Skill.

SE 2, afecting 3 areas of combat. This is available to all arrancar. To learn this you need a 2.5K training topic.

Range, Color, and Effects vary per Character.

Opening Form- This is the opening power, and the stage of unlocking a peice of what was hidden. 1K traning fo any Level of Human. (Free upon registration) SE is .5 affecting 2 combat areas.

Transcending Form-This is the nearly fullfilled power of Fullbring. It is close to Shikai. 2K Traning for Any Unseated to Captain Level Human. (or Upon registration for Unseated to Captain level.) SE is 1 affecting 2 combat areas.

Final Form-This is the full power of an ability is close to Bankai, with all the full power of the Fullbring available. 2.5K Training for any Vice Captain to Captain level Human. (or Upon registration for Captain and Lt level.) SE is 2 afecting 3 combat areas.


Quincy Arrow
The strength of a Quincy arrow is the same as that of the zanpakuto of a Shinigami during sealed state, with the same level of Weapon Combat Skill.

Quincy Glove
When the glove a quincy is taken off for the first time, this increases the maximum power of their arrows untill the end of the topic, spacifically when they stop using their bow. All SE counts when the glove is taken off, are double, but only for attacks and abilities having to do with Weapon Combat Skill. The lose their Quincy powers at that time, and become normal humans. If their history qualifies, they may become Fullbringers but never reach Lueitenat level or higher with their Fullbring. The leader of the Quincy, has the power to restore the lost powers to a Quincy (not fullbringers) and grant them Lueitenat level power, until the leader position is taken over by said Quincy. The leader cannot have a glove, nor can the Lueitenat.

Unique Items
Quincy carry unique items that affect real and reiyoku world. These items varry in power, but act like kido. To use these, one can either choose a haduko of bakudo kido that, if they were a shinigami, could use as an item ability. The limitation is that only 5 items may be on a person at a time.


The strength of a Bount Doll is the same as that of the zanpakuto of a Shinigami during sealed state, with the same level of Weapon Combat Skill. Academy Level Bount Don't have dolls

Weapon Form
A doll's weapon form like Bankai for Captain level bount, and Shikai Level for Lueitenat to unseated level bount.

Soul Eating ability
Bount servive only because they are vampire to souls. A bount must be a vampire and suck the blood(soul) out of a reiyoku barring being to live. This temporarily boots their SE for one combat area. If this is from a captain level character, it affects two combat areas.

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Race Powers and Information.
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