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 How ranks work

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PostSubject: How ranks work   Sat Jul 16, 2011 6:28 pm

Ok this is how the organization of power is going to work.

For each rank of each race, Academy student shinigami, unseated officer, seated officer, Lueitenat, and captain ranks There will be 3 lvls. Tha means lvl 1,2,3 academy student, unseated officer, seated officer, Lt, and captain.

Each of these levels represet the power and ability of a character. now there is something special. There is an overlap between lvls. A level 3 academy student is on the verge of becoming an unseated officer in a division. He graduated, and became an unseated officer, but he hasn't trained at all, so why would he be better than when he left the academy? He isn't instead his level reset to 1, this means all Lvl 3 of a rank are equal to the lvl1 rank above them. This is set because it is unfair of a person to get "instant training." Now you may be wondering what level you are at. When your character is approved, you get your level, but you are still appling for the rank you desire. In order to increase you lvl, you have to train to geet to the next level. Now getting to the next rank is different; you have to be appointed to captain by the captains, you have to ask to rank up. now people are going to ignore an academy student wanting to become a captain in one topic. you need to get to lvl 3 then if there are slots open, you go to the next rank restarting at level 1. If you need help understanding, just ask ^^.

Next there are 4 areas of combat.

Speed, Weapon, Hand, and Reiyoku.

Speed is sonido, shunpo, fullbringer light, or what ever your race offers in speed techniques. This does count to your running speed too. If you don't practice running, how could you practice your really fast speed?

Weapon is you zanpakuto, doll, fullbring, quincy arrows, ect. This also counts to your unlocked abilities of your zanpakuto, doll, fullbring, ect.

Hand is simply your ability to fight without your weapons.

Reiyoku is your skill with your races magic like talents. For shinigami this is kido, humans, this is the ability to affect the "souls" of things(exculding fullbringer light because that is speed), for bount this is sucking in the souls of others, for quincy this is their ability to use reiatsu to increase the amount or size of arrows they can fire, for arrancar this is the ability to use cero/bala. There is are general skills that all races have, like reiatsu detection that this part of combat requires to have. It makes sense that someone that can't use kido, couldn't detect a mountain of spiritual energy unless it was infront of him.

Now there is a separate system for mastering and learning the combat areas.

There is practitioner, expert, master, and no skill.

These are broad generalized and related to level. let's start at the bottom.

An academy student lvl1 with let's give him, 2 practitioner skills for weapon and speed. for the other two he has no skill. Now lets look at another guy who is level 2 and he has the same thing in the combat areas. This is where people are separated in power. An area of non skill is like the stat 0, practitioner is like 1, expert is 2, and master is 3. For the lvl one academy student, compared to the lvl 2 academy student there should be a difference between them right? Well there is, because the 2nd guy is lvl 2, his two practitioner skills are better than the lvl1's. It's like this, a lvl one practitioner skill is the stat 1, but for the lvl 2 guy, his practitioner stat is 2. This means the level 2 academy student is like an expert compared to the lvl1 academy student.

level 1 academy student
Weapon:practitioner (stat equivlant, 1)
Speed: Prac (SE, 1
Hand: - (se, 0)
Reiyoku: - (se 0)

level 2 academy student
weapon:Prac (SE, 2)
Speed: Prac (SE, 2)
Hand: - (se, 0)
Reiyoku: - (se, 0)

Now you can tell the visual difference. But wait! why does the level 2 has Stat equivlent 0 in the two untrained skills when he is level 2?! That is because he has no training, so why would his be better than anyone elses? So if you have no training in that area, you have nothing to work with. A captain with no skill in hand combat, has the same amount of talent in hand comabt as an academy student with no skill in hand combat. :O, this means if the captain fights without his weapon he is USELESS. In short yes, but the captain should have some sort of talent in the other areas of combat say master in weapon and the academy student had practitioner in weapon and bother were level 1, there should be a HUGE GAP between their skills. if you count out how many lvls ther are acctually between them, counting from lvl1 academy to lvl1 captain there should be 12 meaning the stat equivlant would be 1 vs 13. Nope. you have to remember that there is the level overlap. to make it easy all you have to do is subtract level 3s from each rank them count out how many. It is 9. But wait, the captain has mastery, making that number 11 because it is 2 more than practitioner. so realy it's 11 vs 1 in stat equivlant.

ou may start to become confused now. You would be asking, how exactly does one fight that good, deosn't he still have to rp out his attacks? Yes, yes he does. This is when people start to thing, doesn't rp skill have anythign to do with this?

Yes, and no. Yes, because the captain could say he slashed at his opponet. Now he may think he going to hit because his foe is lower in weapons, but actualy that is rp skill he is using.

Now the lvl 1 academy student is a really good rper, he realized his opponet said slash, be itself with no direction or action modifire. The academy student has the oppertunity and right, to say what his opponet did to slash, but it still is a slash none the less. So he says his opponet slashed at the top of his head, just above his skull, aiming for his hair. Now he says he ducts down by squating, and he thrusts his weapon forward.

That is where rp skill matters. But wait, what about the mastery vs practitioner.

Aha, that's right. 11 vs 1 is a very large gap, so all the greatness about mastering one's zanpakuto comes in. Let's bring the rp skills of them both, to an equal level.

Let's say the two of them were using the same attack. A forward slash with both hands on thier swords. They swords would meet and a "clash" begins. 11 vs 1, that is enough to do the following, cut the zanpakuto in half where it clashed, knock his opponet away, in this case, a few yards away, and continue the attack as if the sword wasn't there. This is where the mastery of combat comes in. If you need any help understanding what's going to happen ask.

Combat skill's SE (stat equivlant) + the technique being used.
Combat skill's SE+ the counter technique being used.
Use this for when you compar things to another. To use this one person must post the first half, and the other must use the second half to ensure that a speed technique is fas enoug to move out of teh way of an attack, or measuring an attack vs an attack.

When there comes out to be a tie, the defending person, if an attack is made on them, will suffer half damage. If the difference is 1-2 then the defender will have 3/4 of maximum damage. Note for dodging instead of blocking, the is no 1/2 or 3/4 damage, just full or miss. When two attacks come together at 1-2 diference, the weaker will be overpowered and there will be 3/4 damage done to the weaker. For speed, like swinging sword speed, a fast enough speed can be used for a defence if the total difference between an attack and swing speed is 5 or higher for the one using speed. A weapon vs weapon encounter will have these: tie: no damge perfect defnce, 1-2 the lower is puched away, 3-4 the weapon is ignored, 5-9 weapon is cut in half and needs to be repaired. This is similar for any defence that looses to an attack. Note that one's Weapon still needs to be durable against an attack.

Information in another topic tha tis organized in a much better manner, but only for those that understand this system, is in another topic. The follwoing information is repeated from another topic but explained in here for little reason.

Ok, cutting a zanpkuto in half sounds Op, but that is why it is important to lvl up and learn the next level in mastering combat. :3

Shikai, Bankai, Hierro, and defencive and offencive abilities drasticaly affect this.

Shikai adds 1 to three combat skills (chosen at registration) , to the stat equivlant, bankai adds 2, hierro is constantly on, therefore treated like a combat skill (Hierro 1/2 the SE of two different combat skills), ressurection adds 2 to three things, and also hierro. Defencive kido barriors or blocking counts in each level of kido. You may realize this is about to become more confusing than before. Well it is, but luckily you have us for that. Kido, cero, bala, soul sucking, all have stat equivlant. Once Tsuna finds out abotu this, my head will probably be away from my body in seconds, but this is what makes sense.

Let's make this simple. Remember there is learning reiyoku for a reason. like the rest, it's graded on the lvl of a person. now let's say kido 1-9 add +.5 to the stat equivlant when it comes into play. 10-19 +1, 20-29 +1.5, 30-39 +2, 40-49 +2.5, 50-59 +3, 60-69 +3.5, 70-79 +4, 80-89 +4.5, 90-99 +5. WOAH, KIDO ARE BETTER THAN BANKAI?! sometimes they are, in the manga this is appearent. Ressurection is equal to bankai, both adding +2. But does a low rank have the ability to use bankai or high level kido? No, they do not. Also incantations are very affective, without an incantation the Stat equivlant of a kido is cut to 1/2 of it's full power. Yes this means a level 99 kido is only 2.5. That makes it only a fraction better than bankai. But it comes down to who has the best skills really. If i aim it at you, I can't aim it where you dodge to. A large range kido could or a fast kido could, possibly x3.

If you are wondering about Cero, it is based on one's rank. If you add up all the kido levels, it's 99, divided into 10 levels. There are 5 ranks, so 20 kido levels available to each rank. For Cero, it acts like a kido for power. An academy level arrancar can fire a cero of level 19 kido strength. It's not much at all. To be frank for a cero to be at full power it needs a one post charge, or it's reduced by 10 kido levels. This means a capatain level arrancar (espada) charges his cero and it comes out lvl 99. OMG OP OP OP !!!!!!11111 yes it is. That is why you have to subtract 20 to the count. so really the top espada's cero is 79. Danku can block that. WIAT THAT MEANS DANKU IS THE ULTIMATE DEFENCE! no it isn't first off a Lt, can have danku, sounds op there to, but you have to remember that a daku states it can block upto level 89 kido. Key word is kido. In the stat equivlant system to get danku you have to be a high rank. Well that is almost fully true. If it was a non skill kido user of captain rank could use it. That is why there are limiters. If one has no skill in reiyoku, they can't learn any kido. From the looks of it they system gives aa captain any level of kido. Well the limiters are: practitioner, subtract ten levels from the top possible level of kido available to your rank. Expert Subtract five from the top possible level. And master has the limit reduced. WAIT THAT MEANS AN ACADEMY STUDENT CAN'T GET ANYTHING OUT OF KIDO. Well they shouldn't :/ they are learning what kido are, so why should they have soemthing they have no clue what is? The system works like this. Bala, are said to be 1/20th the power of cero. Well that's actually going to make the bala of an espada, master in reiyoku, lvl3 3.95. Now an arrancar's facce just turned white because that number is poop. Well how about this, bala are much faster than cero, infact they don't have a charge time so they are always at full power. And yes using bala means you need a calculator. Bala is always 1/20 of the maximum cero level. Bala has no charge. Bala can be fired upto 20 times before it's cooldown, meaning if you fire all 20 it's going to take a cero lvl of energy from you. Now fireing 20 bala is op sounding, it is, so the amount of time between each bala is 3 seconds, 20 bala spread out with 3 seconds between each is 60 seconds. a fast opponet can dodge cero, but dodging for 20 bala for 60 seconds in a row is going to be near impossible. That is why, like cero, bala's maximum number of fires per rank is limited. Captain, 20, Lt, 15, Seated, 10, unseated 5, academy level 0. Yes academy level arrancar cannot fire bala. Wel they should be in the process of learning what bala is, kind of like academy students learn wha kido is. Cero is don like this, no shots for academy level, 1 for unseated-captain. This is at full charge. An uncharged cero can be fired 2 times by a captain level arrancar, 1 time for unseated and seated level arrancar. Gran ray Cero, is much different. It is only available to espada 0-4. Gran ray cero is cero wihtout reducint it's level by 20.

Right now your head may be on fire, but really it's a pain to make this stuff. If you wonder wtf it all means, just ask.

Q: what the hell is Stat equivlant for?
A: Everything, determining if your barrior kido can withstand cero, ect. Just because Danku can block a level 89 kido, doesn't mean it is guaranteed. there could be a chance that a level 89 kido, has the advantage because the SE of the person using it, is higher than the danku and the person casting it.

Q: How do I write the equasion out for doing al this crap?
A: o.e creating this was sooo difficult. -rolls eyes-

Combat skill's SE (stat equivlant) + the technique being used.
Combat skill's SE+ the counter technique being used.

Practitioner kido, lvl1, academy student 1 SE + lvl 9 kido, +.5 with incantation
= 1.5
Master kido, lvl1, captain 11 SE+ lets say Defencive kido lvl 9 +.5 with incantation
= 11.5

Defencive wins. Infact it's like the lvl 9 kido wan't there. It they were hakudo, the captain's kido would have exploded the explosion of the academy student's kido.

For now, running speed can't be measured, but you can run faster than those below you. Speed techniques cannpt be measured in distance, but number of times. If you are faster than someone else in SE, than your speed technique is equally faster. Speed techniques add 15 to the SE.
This may sound iffy, but really you can't measure flash step's speed.

Practitioner speed, lvl1, academy student 1 SE+ 15 for flash step
master speed, lvl 3, captain 13 SE+ 15 for flash step

Notice that the practitioner would be alittle faster than the captain if the captain didn't use shunpo.

Because speed techniques look like the most Op things in hell, they are limited to number of uses. Practioner may use 3, expert may use 5, master may use 7. Add one for each rank above academy.

Tsuna will have my head for using stats xD, but this acctually is a fusing of stats and tiers and levels and ranks. I wanred Tsuna. X3

No you may be thinking a few things.

Q: Can I run out of teh way of a kido?
A: Yes, same rules aply for everything. An Example

Practitioner kido, lvl1, academy student 1 SE + lvl 9 kido, +.5 with incantation
= 1.5
master speed, lvl 3, captain 13 SE

Kido goes slow at low levels, so dodging a low level kido is easy.

Q: Why is hierro a combat skill?
A: Because it is the only permanite defence, and that has to be measured.

Q: Academy student level sucks! Why does it exsist?
A: Because it is reality for shinigami. Don't expect hollows to be easily killed by academy students. And everything has to follow this , otherwise we would need the creaters of D and D to come in and do it for us.

Q: Each rank can only fight their own rank?
A: No of course not, There are differences, but those can be overcome by rp skill and clever use of the system. Besides the lvl overlap helps people to fight and rank up.

Q: What is each person allowed for combat skills?

Academy level: 2 Practitioner or One expert.
Unseated Level: 3 practitioner or one expert and one practitioner, or one master.
Seated level: 4 practitioner or one expert and two practioner, or two expert, or one master and one practitioner.
Lueitenat: 1 expert and three practitioner, or two expert and one practitioner, or one master and two practioner, or one master and one expert.
Captain: 1 master and three practitioner, or one master and one expert and one practitioner, or two master, or 3 expert.
(hierro is stated above, 1/2 two different combat areas, meaning an academy level hierro for two practitioner is 2 SE half of that is 1 SE, making the hierro SE 1 or practitioner. ) Each rank up adds 1 SE to the maximum combat skill. You can't lower a combat skill to put another one higher, but you may increase a combat skill when you rank up.

Q: how does a person get a better level of combat skill?
A: training ;3

1000 words for non skill to practitioner, add 100 for each rank above academy.

1500 words for practitioner to expert, add 150 for each rank above academy. And you must be in three topics with record of using that combat skill.

2000 words for expert to master, add 200 for each rank above academy. And you must be in four topics with record of using that combat skill.

Unfortunatly, to keep things fair, you can't increase the combat skill more than 3 times per character. WE DON'T want seven hundred super master captains. That would make everything very difficult to fight for plot reasons.

Q: How does a person rank up?
A: By being apointed the rank by who ever is incharge of your race, or by admin approval. This isn't guaranteed because even if the leader of a race says you can, the admin may say no, and vice versa, just because an admin says yes, doesn't mean the race has open slots to rank up.

Q: what aboutt he other race stuff? Or soul sucking?
A: That information will be kept with the race information.

Q: Can custom abilities be made with their own affect on the SE?
A: Yep, but that's still determined by mod and admin to be approved. Nothing with 100 SE will ever be approved.

Q: Will elements effect the SE?
A: Yes, because a fire ability can melt an ice ability even if the fire is 1 level below the ice.

Q: what are your questions?

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How ranks work
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