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 Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada

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PostSubject: Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada    Sat Jul 16, 2011 4:44 am

General Information

Name: Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada (沢田 綱吉, Sawada Tsunayoshi)
Age: 201. Look 24
Gender: Male
Birthday: 25th December
Height: 157cm
Weight: 48kg
Eye color: Orange
Hair color: Brown

Rank Information

Rank: Leader/Founder of the Akatsuki

Personal Information


Personality: Tsuna is quiet, reserved, and generally goes with the flow. He can be a pretty
chill guy and quite easy to get along with, once you look past the whole
'man of a few words' thing. He reaches out to others and gains their
trust. He forms bonds with others and helps them out, pretty much only
when he's asked to, sometimes even at the cost of himself. Tsuna is all
right with the fact he's either used as an emotional crutch or even a
sacrifice. He knows when to give people space when confronted with their
own problems.
Through all the different kinds of people he meets and
interacts with, Tsuna adopts the role of the best friend, son, rival,
team member, and so on - but when it comes down to it, he's not any of
those. Like his power, Tsuna is everything and nothing at the same

However, despite all the bonds and close friendships he's
made,Tsuna is still a loner. He's content on leading his missions in
life alone and seems to be fine with this. Any burden, problem, or
internal conflict he's got, Tsuna bears silently. He opens himself in
order to let others approach, but he never really lets anyone in. Even
in the end, only a very small handful of people somewhat understand him

Strengths: N/A
Weaknesses: N/A

Zanpaktō Information

Sealed Zanpakutō:

Zanpakutō Spirit:

Shikai Incantation:Shout,Zangetsu
Shikai Description:
Shikai Abilities:
Power Augmentation:Enhanced Speed,Enhanced Spiritual Energy,Enhanced Strength,Enhanced Durability,Enhanced Evasiveness

Getsuga Tenshō (月牙天衝, Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer; "Piercer of Heaven" in the English anime): At the instant of the slash, Zangetsu absorbs his spiritual energy and releases highly condensed spiritual energy at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash attack and then flies forward. This slash takes the form of a crescent moon or in the shape of a wave.As stated by Zangetsu, knowing the name of an attack heightens its power compared to its strength when the wielder does not know its name. The Getsuga Tenshō is a powerful technique with great force, capable of causing large-scale damage and destruction.

Mugetsu (無月, Moonless Sky): Tsuna generates a blade of black spiritual energy in his hand and swings it towards the target. Doing so causes a massive veil of black spiritual energy to erupt upwards and approach the target, darkening the sky, and damaging anything caught within the blast.The energy then continues to rise, dissipating into the sky.

Bankai Information

Bankai Name:Tensa Zangetsu
Bankai Description:

Tensa Zangetsu Special Abilities:

Bankai Abilities:

Hollow Information

Mask Appearance:

Hollow Spirit:

Mask Abilities:

Full Hollow Form:

Full Hollow Form Abilities:

History and RP sample

History: ~Alive Arc~

Tsuna was born on 25th December in a normal family. His mother works as a teacher and his
father works as a manager in a company. Tsuna wanted to follow his
father's footsteps as a manager in a company , especially a food
company because he loves to eat food. Since his father and mother are
always busy , Tsuna only walks to school. The school is a stone's throw
from his house. Although they are busy , they also spends most of their
time on their son during weekends.One day , his house was on fire while his mother was cooking. She left the oil too long that it caused a fire. The fire soon reached the gas tank and the gas tank implode. Luckily, Tsuna and his family are somewhere far. When they came back to their house, they saw that their house was on fire. Their neighbors quickly called the fire department. The firefighters arrived and tried to put out the fire , but it was too late. Their house had turned into ashes. The fire also spread to the other houses but only some parts of the house was destroy. They had no choice as they had no where to live so they decided to move to their cousins who live in the city. All was fine but the tragic incident still haunts Tsuna. It seemed that Tsuna's existence was just futile as another incident happed to him. He got kidnapped by a
mysterious person which wore a ski mask , a jacket , and a pair of gloves. His parents took a few weeks to find him. They then
found him in an old cabin. As his parents about to approach Tsuna,
the mysterious person shoot Tsuna's parents, in front of his eyes. He
felt angry so he quickly beat the person who shoot his parents. Later ,
that person died. As the years pass by , he decided to
move to his uncle who live in a quiet place. His uncle was a policeman
and sometimes Tsuna would help him in his investigation.

~Death Arc~
Tsuna was helping his uncle in one of his investigation. The investigation
was about a robbery in a bank. There was a robber secretly hiding in a
secret place because he had no time to run away. Tsuna was alone
investigating an area. The robber saw him was about to shoot him but his
gun was out of ammo. When the robber refills his gun , Tsuna quickly
heard it and he quickly beat him up before the robber had a chance to
shoot him. Then , the robber's allies quickly came.Tsuna beat them all
hands down but there was another robber hiding. Without wasting anytime ,
the robber shoot Tsuna.He ignored the pain and quickly beat up the
robber. He was coughing blood and blood was dripping from his body.
In a few minutes , his uncle came. He saw Tsuna was bleeding and quickly called the ambulance. The ambulance quickly came and brought Tsuna to the hospital. There , he was recovering from his wounds and injuries. Later, he was discharged from the hospital but he could not help his uncle in a while. After a month , he was cured and was in a pink of health. One day , a postman came to send some mails. His cousin was alone that time as Tsuna had gone to school. His cousin opened the door and greeted the postman. Without wasting any time , the postman quickly took his cousin away and brought her as far as possible. Soon , school ended and Tsuna went home. As soon as he reached home , he saw no one was around so he decided to call his friends. After a while , his friends came and quickly tried to find his cousin. His friends suspected that she might be lost. Tsuna saw a letter in the mailbox and quickly opened it.The letter said that "If you want to see her. Please meet me alone in XXXXX". After seeing this , he quickly showed it to everyone. Everyone suggested that he should not go alone. He decided to bring his uncle, his friends and the other police to the scene. Ass soon as he reached the place , everyone was hiding. Only Tsuna,the postman and his cousin. The postman said that should Tsuna do anything suspicious, he will kill his cousin. After hearing this , all the police came out and attacked the postman. The postman felt very angry and shoot Tsuna. His sight was getting blurry and he had hard time to breathe. Soon , he died while blood was flowing out from his body.

~Wandering soul arc~

Tsuna was a
wandering soul since the day of his death. He just wonders around the
world but sometimes , he just goes to his grave. Looking at his parents' grave and remember the good time and the bad times that had past. He also just goes to the bar or pub just to sit as he cannot do anything as a soul. The good thing is that he can go anywhere he wanted to. He went to all the historical sites and sometimes play in fun fairs. He loved playing the roller coaster as it is very thrilling to play with. Going up and down which was very exiting. Looking at the happy faces of the people around him. One day , he was at
his grave , sitting. Suddenly , he heard loud footsteps approaching
him. He felt scared when he heard it so he quickly ran. He ran as fast
as he could to escape but it was futile as it was the footsteps are
getting nearer and nearer, became louder and louder. Suddenly , he fell
on the ground because he tripped over a stone. The loud was coming from a
hollow. He was about to be eaten by the hollow . Suddenly , there was a
soul wearing a black Shihakusho appeared in front of him and the
hollow. The person told Tsuna that he is a Shinigami. The shinigami
also told him that shinigami are supposed to kill hollows. Without
wasting anytime , the shinigami killed the hollow . Later , Tsuna was
passed on to Rukongai.

~Shino Academy arc~
Since he was
passed on to Rukongai , he lived there for a hundred years.He wanted to
become like the shinigami that saved him from a hollow on that fateful
day. One day , he went to a shop to buy some groceries. Unexpectedly ,
there was a shinigami in that certain shop. It is the same shinigami
that saved him the other day. The shinigami felt intense presence from Tsuna's soul.The shinigami asked him if he wanted to go to the Shino
Academy to become a shinigami. He refused and went back home. When
he was on the way back , he heard an explosion. It was from one of the
house that was next to his. Then the fire spread to his house and burn
into ashes. Tsuna felt very sad but his neighbors asked him to stay with them for the mean time until the house was rebuild. He felt that living in there is almost has the same environment as his house. After a week or so , the house was completely rebuild. It looked brand new. He went back to his house and continued to live there. One day , he was hanging out with his friends. They were about to play with each other in the forest. The forest which was dark and quite spooky. After a while, the skies turned dark as it was about to rain. The wind blew strongly which looked like a thunderstorm was about to come.Suddenly, many people came and they brought swords. Soon , they tried to kill Tsuna and his friends. They quickly ran as fast as they can to avoid their death.Soon, he remembered that the Shinigami asked him to go to the Shino Academy to become a shinigami. So , he decided to go to Shino Academy to become a shinigami. At the Academy, he was very skillful. The boundaries between Tsuna and the others was large. He was very skillful in Zanjutsu but especially Shunpo. His combo of Zanjutsu and Shunpo were very amazing. His Hakuda was a little bit average. Kido on the other hand, he just suck at it. Although, he was able to graduate. It turns out that his Zanjutsu and Shunpo was just enough to make him graduated but as time passed by , he tried to overcome his weak Kido and it turns out that he did made it. He can't wait to joined a division.

~Shinigami Arc~
Tsuna was a shinigami.After his graduation , he joined the 2nd Division as he had wanted to join that division since the Shinigami that saved him was the captain of the very same division. He was an unseated officer. He worked hard to become a seated officer. He was upset that he was a unseated officer even though he trained so hard. So, he decided to try even harder to get a spot as a seated officer,especially the 3rd Seat.One day , he decided to train his Shikai. It took him years to even learn the name of his Zanpaktou. Suddenly , as he was training ,he heard someone talking. He stopped and looked around to see who was that. After seeing that there was no one around , he ignored it and continued training. Suddenly , he was brought to another world. Then , a shadow coming towards him. The shadow soon to reveal his identity , standing 157 centimetres tall and weighs 43 kg. He turned out to be some kind of manifested spirits in Tsuna's Zanpakuto. After introducing each other , he was brought to the place where he was before. Completely ignoring it , he quickly continued training. Soon , he felt an intense presence coming from his zanpakuto. Spiritual energy appears on the sword and suddenly all around his body. Then his zanpakuto's spirit told him the name and the incantation to release the Shikai. After a while , he released his Shikai.His zanpaktou changes into a new form. Feeling exited about it and telling to others. The captain heard about it and the captain quickly made him the 3rd Seat. Although , Tsuna had achieve his goal, he now wanted to become Vice-Captain and to master Shikai because he felt unpleasant just as a 3rd seat.. He decided to train to master his Shikai. He even will risk his life just to master his Shikai. He trained in the inner world and he trained with his zanpaktou's spirit. His training is just like bankai training but a bit easier. He trained hard enough to master his Shikai.After a few years , he mastered his Shikai. He wanted to train for Bankai but he can't as he currently has not enough power to master Bankai. The captain tested his Skills and the captain was realy impressed. Few months later, the captain and the vice captain fought with a group of hollows. It was tough as there were also vasto lorde level hollows. Unfortunately, the vice-captain for the 2nd Division died because he was killed by a vasto lorde. Everyone attended his funeral and the captain decided not to pick a new vice captain for the mean time. A few years later,the captain decided to pick a new vice-captain. He chose Tsuna as the new Vice-Captain of the 2nd Division because of his skills and his contribution as the 3rd Seat of the Division. His current goal is the surpass the captain to become one and to achieve Bankai.

~Akatsuki arc~
As the time passed by, the time as the vice-captain of the 2nd Division bores him. He went to the training field and train there. Then, he had an idea that he train to achieve Bankai. Went to his inner world and met his Zanpakuto spirit.Told his Zanpakuto spirit and trained his bankai. Training was hard and exhausting but his goal to achieve it and surpass his captain kept him going. He also tried to achieve it in a very short time. After a few years, he achieve bankai and mastered it as well. Then, he heard that the 12th Division Captain had made a new invention. Tsuna and the Captain went to the 12th Division. The 12th Division Captain, Urahara told everyone that it is an invention that allows the user to turn into a perfect shinigami-hollow hybrid and he also named it as Vizard. Tsuna thought that it was a great idea as it was never been invented before. Feeling exited that he quickly tried out the invention. Urahara warned him that it was not tested so he was unsure about the result. Tsuna knew the effects and he took a deep breathe and tried the invention. Suddenly, Tsuna was transforming into a hollow but Tsuna was able to prevent it and only formed a mask. After few weeks of the activation of his hollow powers, he decided to train to master it. Went to his inner world again and fought with his hollow side. It was hard but worth it and in the end of the day , he was able to defeat his hollow side. He was able to master his hollow powers till its Vasto lorde mode. After 2 years or so, he had an idea. He planned to make another organization but it is specially for shinigami-hollow hybrid or vizard. Named the group Akatsuki which meant Dawn or daybreak. Soon , the group was approved by the Captain-Commander and Akatsuki was lead by Tsuna himself. Akatsuki was the enemy of the Espada and the ally of the Gotei 13. Made new clothes for the whole group and made a red cloud as a symbol. Now, he waits to see what will happen.

RP Sample: From a Naruto site.

Minato was walking at the busy streets of the village. The day was windy and there were so many leaves in the air. Suddenly , dark clouds were coming. Thunder can be heard and lightning can be seen. Then , it rained and soon there was an announcement in the air. " The Hokage had died". People went outside and and some were crying and some just felt sad. He heard many people talking. "The Hokage died?! How?! Now , the village is leaderless". Then , he went to the funeral.Soon , the rain had stopped and there were many negative emotions in the air. He thought that they will soon pick a new leader and what he thought was right. He felt exited and quickly went to the training field and train.

As he was training,he saw something coming towards him. It turns out to be a dog. A silver one to be exact. There was also a man looking for a dog. Minato walked towards the man and asked him what kind of dog is he looking for. The man said that the dog is silver in color. Then, Minato showed the man the silver dog that he had just found. The man felt relieved that the dog was safe and sound.He thanked Minato for founding his dog and willing to repay his kindness someday. The man smiled to Minato and walked off.Without wasting anytime , he quickly continue his training and after a few hours , he stopped and went to a ramen shop to eat some ramen.The day later turned darker and Minato went home to sleep.

The next day,Minato went for a stroll in the village. Suddenly,he met the man that he helped yesterday.He greeted him and gave a pet to his pet dog. The man said that he wanted to sponsor Minato some ramen to repay him for finding his dog.Minato thanked the man and quickly went to the ramen shop. The shop owner greeted them with a smile and serve them some ramen. They ate till their heart's content. It was almost noon and they were still talking in the shop because they were too full to even walk. After a few minutes, Minato thanked the man for the food and went off to the training field to continue his training. After training, he went to the mission board to get a mission. There was an S rank mission and Minato wanted to get the mission. The mission was quite hard and he completed it in a few hours. The elder of the village said that he wanted to pick a new Hokage.Then, he says the name of the new Hokage, which Minato. He felt exited and quickly celebrated in the household.

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Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada
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